BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center

Global Entry Interview Guide

This guide will help with everything you need to know to prepare for and book your Global Entry interview at BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center.

Step 1 - Apply for Global Entry

You must first apply for the Global Entry program through the DHS Trusted Traveler Programs website. You will be asked to pay a $100 fee for a 5 year membership. You will also have to fill out questions regarding your background.

Note: You are able to waive the $100 fee if you pay using one of these travel credit cards .

Start Your Global Entry Application

Step 2 - Wait for conditional approval

After your application has been submitted, you will have to wait for conditional approval. Conditional approval means that you have been pre approved for the Global Entry program, but you need to schedule an interview to finalize your application.

The conditional approval process can take anywhere from 24 hours to multiple months, depending on the volume of applications, your background, etc.

Step 3 - Schedule Your Global Entry interview

Congratulations! You've been conditionally approved for Global Entry. The next step is to schedule your interview at BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center.

  • Click the button below to open the DHS Trusted Traveler Program website.
  • Scroll down to your state (PA)
  • Click on BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center
  • Click on the "Chose This Location" button to see the available timeslots at BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center
Schedule Your Global Entry Interview

Step 4 - Skip the Global Entry Interview wait time

You might notice that BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center is showing "No appointments available for this location", or the next appointment available is months out.

So what can you do?

Global Entry interview appointments are constantly cancelled, rescheduled, and added. This means that if you can monitor the interview slots at BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center, you can find an appointment that fits your schedule.

This is exactly what Global Entry Alerts does. We monitor the interview slots at BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center and send you an SMS alert when an appointment opens up. This way, you can skip the long wait time and book your interview as soon as this week.

Click below to sign up and cut months off your Global Entry interview appointment wait time.

Sign Up For Global Entry Alerts

BAL-FO Harrisburg Enrollment Center Details

1215 Manor Drive
Suite 301
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Phone Number: +1 7176917136


Notes: • Please bring a copy of your appointment verification. • Bring documents entered in application to appointment (UNEXPIRED PASSPORT, VISA, LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD) and proof of current address. *Interviews will not be conducted without valid documents. • No Walk-ins allowed. Only scheduled appointments will be processed. Additional family members wishing to be interviewed on the same day are required to schedule their own time slot. • If you have ever been arrested, please bring court documents verifying the disposition of the arrest(s), regardless of the date of arrest and the outcome.

Ready to book your interview?

Sign up and get 30 days of SMS alerts for open interview appointments near you.