Cut months off your Global Entry interview wait time.

Get personalized text message alerts that allow you to get priority Global Entry interview appointments within the next 30 days.

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Getting a Global Entry appointment is hard...

  • Long wait times

    Many enrollment centers are booked months or over a year in advance.
  • Inconvenient locations

    Locations that are open, are often hours away or in another state.
  • Rescheduling sucks

    If you need to reschedule, you have to wait even longer for another appointment.
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So what's the solution?

GlobalEntryAlerts is the easiest and fastest way to get your Global Entry appointment.
  • 1. Select your locations

    Sign up and select any 3 locations of your choice. We'll send you an SMS alert whenever an appointment opens up for you.
  • 2. Get alerts

    You will continue to receive alerts for 30 days, allowing you to find the perfect appointment that fits your schedule.
  • 3. Book your appointment

    When you see an appointment you like, log in to the TTP website and schedule your interview.

Global Entry Alerts By The Numbers

  • 11382

    Travelers have booked their Global Entry interviews with our help

  • 85%

    Of our users find an appointment within the first 10 days

  • 111

    Enrollment centers monitored nationwide for openings

  • 8

    Years of appointment waiting time skipped by our customers

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