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Guía para la Entrevista de Global Entry

Esta guía le ayudará con todo lo que necesita saber para prepararse y reservar su entrevista de Global Entry en Derby Line Enrollment Center.

Paso 1 - Solicitar Global Entry

Primero debe solicitar el programa Global Entry a través de DHS Trusted Traveler Programs website. You will be asked to pay a $100 fee for a 5 year membership. You will also have to fill out questions regarding your background.

Note: You are able to waive the $100 fee if you pay using one of estas tarjetas de crédito de viaje .

Comience su Solicitud de Global Entry

Paso 2 - Espere la aprobación condicional

Después de enviar su solicitud, tendrá que esperar la aprobación condicional. La aprobación condicional significa que ha sido preaprobado para el programa Global Entry, pero debe programar una entrevista para finalizar su solicitud.

El proceso de aprobación condicional puede llevar de 24 horas a varios meses, dependiendo del volumen de solicitudes, sus antecedentes, etc.

Paso 3 - Programe su entrevista de Global Entry

Congratulations! You've been conditionally approved for Global Entry. The next step is to schedule your interview en Derby Line Enrollment Center.

  • Haga clic en el botón de abajo para abrir el sitio web del Programa de Viajeros Confiables del DHS.
  • Desplácese hacia abajo hasta su estado (VT)
  • Haga clic en Derby Line Enrollment Center
  • Haga clic en el botón "Elegir esta ubicación" para ver los horarios disponibles en Derby Line Enrollment Center
Programe su Entrevista de Global Entry

Paso 4 - Saltar el tiempo de espera para la entrevista de Global Entry

Puede notar que Derby Line Enrollment Center is showing "No appointments available for this location", or the next appointment available is months out.

Entonces, ¿qué puede hacer?

Las citas para la entrevista de Global Entry se cancelan, reprograman y agregan constantemente. Esto significa que si puede monitorear los espacios de entrevistas, puede encontrar una cita que se ajuste a su horario.

Esto es exactamente lo que Global Entry Alerts hace. Monitoreamos los espacios de entrevistas en Derby Line Enrollment Center and send you an SMS alert when an appointment opens up. This way, you can skip the long wait time and book your interview as soon as this week.

Haga clic a continuación para registrarse y reducir meses de su tiempo de espera para la cita de la entrevista de Global Entry.

Regístrese para Recibir Alertas de Global Entry

Derby Line Enrollment Center Detalles

Derby Line Enrollment Center Map

107 I-91 South

Derby Line, VT 05830

Número de Teléfono: +1 (802) 873-3489

Indicaciones: Interstate 91 North, take exit 29, take a left at stop sign, go over the bridge, take another left back onto I-91 South. The Enrollment Center is on your left. PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING A valid passport. If you travel using more than one passport, or have citizenship in more than one country, please bring all passports (for secondary citizenship bring your most recent passport of that country, even if expired) to the interview so that the information can be added to your file. For Global Entry, this provides you with the ability to use either passport at the Global Entry kiosk. A permanent resident card (if applicable) Documents providing proof of residency. Examples are: driver's license (if the address is current), mortgage statement, rental payment statement, utility bill, etc. Minors do not need to provide proof of address. Parents or legal guardians accompanying them should be able to provide proof of address on their behalf. It is useful to bring your membership number/PASSID. You can print out a copy of your conditional approval letter, which has this number on it, or just note your PASSID to bring to your appointment. To print the letter, log in to the TTP website and from the Dashboard display the Notification and then select the Download/print option. To see a list of documents required for the interview, log in to the TTP website, go to your Dashboard, and select the Interview Confirmation link provided. This will only be available while your application is in the "Interview Scheduled" stage. You will need to bring any documents you provided as part of the applications. The document requirements may be different based upon the program you applied for. The following original documents are usually required:

Notas: Instructions for your scheduled NEXUS/FAST interview at the Derby Line Enrollment Center (EC) The United States Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have implemented a new interview process at the NEXUS Enrollment Center located at Derby Line, VT. The interview will be a split process where the 1st portion of the interview will be conducted at the Derby Line EC in the United States and the second portion will take place directly across the international border at the Stanstead port of entry in Canada. In order to complete the process for your enrollment in the program following your interview at the Derby Line EC you must immediately report to the CBSA Port of Entry on Route 55 in Stanstead, Quebec and complete your interview with CBSA personnel. To get to the Stanstead office (Rte 55), just take Interstate 91 north. Advise the CBSA officer that you are here to complete the 2nd portion of your NEXUS interview. Failure to report to CBSA and complete the interview process will result in exclusion from the program. ********************** Instructions pour votre entrevue NEXUS/EXPRES prévue au centre d’inscription (CI) de Derby Line Le Service des douanes et de la protection des frontières (SDFP) des États-Unis (É-U) et l’agence des services frontaliers du Canada (ASFC) ont mis en place un nouveau processus d’entrevue au centre d’inscription NEXUS situé au point d’entrée de Derby Line dans le Vermont. L’entrevue sera divisée en deux où la 1ière partie de l’entrevue sera effectuée au CI de Derby Line aux États-Unis et la 2ième partie aura lieu directement de l'autre côté de la frontière internationale au point d'entrée de Stanstead au Canada. Afin de compléter le processus d'inscription au programme, une fois votre entrevue au CI de Derby Line terminée vous devez vous présenter immédiatement au bureau de l'ASFC de Stanstead (Rte 55) au Québec afin de terminer votre entrevue avec le personnel de l'ASFC. Pour vous rendre au bure

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